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The First Book In the Series. The Spark That Started It All.

The land of Elefrisia is on the verge of a new age. Either golden or shrouded in darkness. Her choices will alter the fate of her world forever.

The night started out like any other. But when Gemma is attacked and saved by a stranger who knows too much about her past, she's forced to flee the quiet life she's always known.

Now, she's on the run from the people responsible for the death of her birth parents eighteen years ago, and the man who wants to enslave all of Elefrisia. She's the only one with the power to stop the encroaching darkness. But how can she stop it when she can't even control her power?

The Second Book In the Series. And So A Flame Ignites.

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She has stepped into her destiny. Now, everything changes.

Battles of the heart, body, and mind wage as chaos stirs. Alliances will be tested, but Gemma will be tested most of all.


The choice has been made to seek out the rest of the jewels of power, but with thousands of miles to traverse, and dangers around every corner, fulfilling her destiny might be the last thing she does.


While an unknown presence invades her mind, she must gather the strength to continue on her path, or succumb to the temptation of evil and condemn her world.

Gold Foil Texture_edited.jpg
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