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In the aftermath of her fateful choice, Gemma, Brayden, and Theo embark on a perilous quest to seek the legendary Jewels of Power before the malevolent Skotadi can claim them. As they tirelessly evade the clutches of those ruled by darkness, Gemma’s journey takes an unexpected turn.


Now accompanied by her sisters, Serania and Andrea, and their former foe turned ally, Kalami, Gemma faces not only the relentless pursuit of Skotadi but also the insidious grasp of an evil presence seeking dominion over her mind.

As the world crumbles into chaos around them, Gemma must learn to harness her growing powers and confront the shadows that threaten to consume her and all of Elefrisia.


“The Forge” is a gripping tale of sacrifice, alliances, and the indomitable strength within. Will Gemma and her companions overcome the encroaching darkness, or will the world succumb to the chaos that looms ever closer? The fate of Elefrisia hangs in the balance, and each step brings them closer to either salvation or doom.

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Gold Foil Texture_edited.jpg
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