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DIY is great...

Holy macaroni!

I finally ordered a proof copy of the paperback version. Whew! I’m wriggling in my seat as I have to wait a few days for it to get here. The dream is to open the package to a beautifully formatted interior with a perfectly fitting cover, but an annoying little voice keeps saying it’ll probably have something wrong with it.

Bah! It’s crazy how much those voices like to pile up on top of each other. I have to remind myself at least twenty times a day to let it go and let God. The book is a lot safer in his hands than mine, but it’s hard sometimes.

So, to help keep my mind off the waiting, I’m trudging through the marketing quagmire. Yipee. I feel like Yzma in The Emperor’s New Groove. That pretty much sums up how my brain feels. But I’m plodding along.

If the paperback looks good, I’ll be working on a proof copy of the hardcover. It’s still going to be a little bit before I can publish, but the finish line is just ahead!

I now have a love/hate relationship with DIY. I’m loving all I’m learning, but good grief! Sometimes I wish I had the means to have others do all this nitty gritty, but alas, beggars have to build their own houses. Though I must say, whoever keeps moving the finish line, would you please cut it out.

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